Revolutionising the crypto ad industry...

$AdMonkey aims to bring ease-of-use and a modern approach to the crypto advertising industry, whilst benefiting the long term investors of it’s core BSC token contract.

The Concept

$AdMonkey’s vision is to become the number one solution for ad campaigns in the crypto
industry. As of Q4 2020, crypto marketing was a $50 billion+ industry. This will increase year after year as
global adoption of cryptocurrency increases.

$AdMonkey is invested in the development of an innovative ad servicing platform with the
necessary tools and technology to succeed. This will be a place where advertisers can plan and
submit their ad campaigns. 

The Product

The application will be a pixel based advertising platform where users can submit image/text based ads to be displayed on publishers website(s).

Users will be able to pay using a CPC (Cost-Per-Click) or CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions) valuation, similar to that of Google Ads and Pixl.

Our initial wireframe concept will be due for publishing in Q3 2021. This will be announced on our social media platforms and website.

User Friendly

Ease of use for our users is paramount, which is why our platform will be user friendly as standard.

Quick & Easy Setup

Nobody likes wasting time and we understand that at AdMonkey. We estimate it will take only 3 minutes to set up an Ad Campaign here at AdMonkey.

Various Payout Methods

Being restricted with payment methods isn't ideal. We allow deposits and withdrawals in a variety of currencies, including crypto & fiat!

Scalable SaaS

Having a platform which can adapt to large scale traffic increases is paramount, and that's exactly what AdMonkey can do!


Liquidity Pool
Presale/Private Sale
Tokens Burned
Platform Development

The development wallet will be locked for 180 days and use a vesting algorithm to release the tokens over 4 equal periods (45 days).

Transaction Tax

All transactions incur a 12% tax which helps keep bots away and provides rewards to holders.


Initial Phase

Second Phase

Third Phase

The Team

Mike Flanagan

Mike is the lead developer on the project and the original project creator. His background is software development.

Richard Price

Richard is head of marketing & analysis here at AdMonkey.

Brian Langerak

Brian is our head moderator and "King Shiller", he keeps the TG active!

Coming Soon

This team member is coming soon!


AdMonkey is now available to purchase on PancakeSwap!

Click here

Yes, a tax applies on all transfers. If your transfer exceeds the maximum transfer amount, you have the option to pay a 2BNB fee to complete the transfer, otherwise it will fail.

Every transaction incurs a transactional tax, of which 3% is used for our buyback mechanism.

The buyback mechanism is a manually initiated “Moonshot” which can help in times of low price/dipping.

All tokens that are bought back are sent to the dEaD address.

BNB Rewards are on a 7 day cycle.

Any purchases made after you initial buy-in will push the cycle back 2 days, to ensure nobody abuses the system.

If you sell all of your holdings and then buy back in, your next claim date will be pushed back 100 years. This is done to ensure nobody can abuse the reward system.

BNB Rewards are claimed manually from within our DApp. The link to this will be launched when the project launches on Friday 9th July.