Crypto Advertising Shouldn't Be Difficult...

Advertising your Crypto project shouldn’t be difficult. AdMonkey makes the process smooth sailing, allowing you to focus your time on your project.

With campaign setup times as low as 3 minutes, you’ll be amazed at the speed of our platform.

Launching in Q4, AdMonkey will revolutionise the Crypto Ad space.



Introducing AdMonkey

Built by a team of highly skilled developers with extensive experience within the crypto industry, AdMonkey aims to be the Number 1 ad platform offering CPC/CPM solutions to all project types.

As of Q4 2020, crypto marketing was a $50 billion+ industry. This will increase year after year as global adoption of cryptocurrency increases.

AdMonkey is invested in the development of an innovative ad servicing platform with the necessary tools and technology to succeed. This will be a place where advertisers can plan and submit their ad campaigns. 


AdMonkey understands projects have different objectives and don’t always require a CPC bidding method. For this reason we allow both CPC and/or CPM. This allows projects to take different approaches, depending on their goal.

Whether you’re looking to promote brand awareness, or gain a larger investor base, AdMonkey’s AdTech platform is capable of providing a leading, cutting edge service to advertisers of any size.

Key Features

User Friendly
User satisfaction is a key factor for AdMonkey. Great research has been carried out to ensure our platform is as user friendly as possible.
Quick & Easy Setup
Nobody likes wasting time and we understand that at AdMonkey. We estimate it will take only 3 minutes to set up an Ad Campaign here at AdMonkey.
Payment Methods
Being restricted with payment methods isn't ideal. We allow deposits and withdrawals in a variety of currencies, including crypto & fiat!
Scalable SaaS
Having a platform which can adapt to large scale traffic increases is paramount, and that's exactly what AdMonkey can do!


Liquidity Pool
Future Exchanges
Tokens Burned

Transaction Tax

All buy transactions incur an 8% tax which helps keep bots away and provides rewards to holders.

Sells have a 10% transaction tax.


Initial Phase

Second Phase

Third Phase

The Team

Mike Flanagan
Head Dev - CEO
Plan, create and code internet sites and web pages.
Brian Langerak
Chief Operating Officer
Plan, create and code internet sites and web pages.

Coming Soon

This team member is coming soon!


AdMonkey is now available to purchase on PancakeSwap! Click here

The default transaction tax applies to all wallet-to-wallet transfers. This is 10%.

Rewards are paid automatically by way of a queue system. You can track your queue position from our dApp:

Yes! Using our dApp, you are able to select any BSC token which is tradable on PancakeSwap.